Why Squirrels Are A Huge Nuisance In Your Home

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Squirrels are a natural part of our environment, but once inside the attic or other places in your they can cause chewing damage to the wood, contaminate insulation with feces and urine, and chew electrical wires that may lead to a fire. There are however, humane methods to take back control of your home when you have squirrels in the attic or invading other areas of your house. If you’ve ever wondered why these critters are such a nuisance and how to handle squirrel control, here is a little information to help guide you towards a solution.

Understand the Damage Squirrels Can Do

Your home is an investment that you want to protect from damage, and wildlife can do a number on your most expensive investment – your home. Squirrels are a common problem for homeowners and many will seek squirrel removal ideas to help rid them of the issue. However, the first step is to understand the damage a squirrel can do so that you’ll know the signs that you have a problem.

You’ll want to call a humane squirrel exterminator if you’ve started to see small holes chewed in areas around the exterior of your home or unidentified damage in the attic space. Squirrels can squeeze through small spaces, so you’ll want to look carefully. Those small chew holes and entryways can lead to leaks that rot wood and weaken the structure of your home over time. Squirrels will also chew through electrical wires that can cause a fire, and the nests these critters make, along with the items that you have stored in your attic, can be very flammable.

Even if a squirrel invasion hasn’t happened to the inside of your home yet, many people find that critter removal will help keep them from spreading diseases to pets, as well as fleas and ticks. Squirrels can also get very aggressive when approached by a dog or cat, and they’ll bite and scratch leaving both minor and major wounds which can be extremely painful.

Involve Professionals for Squirrel Removal in Richmond, VA

If you do have a squirrel problem and need them removed, then be sure you involve a professional squirrel removal company in Richmond VA. There are some species of squirrels that are protected such as the Northern Flying Squirrel, and you want to ensure that you are using the best identification methods, as well as removal techniques so that they don’t return. Flying squirrel removal should not be performed by an amateur because the job takes experience and attention to detail to ensure a safe and effective wildlife evacuation.