Richmond Bat Removal Services

richmond bat removal services

Richmond bat removal services is our specialty. Bat removal is serious business, it’s important to be properly trained, certified, knowledgeable, and experienced to ensure that the safest methods are being used. We are the only local bat removal and bat control company where every single one of our bat removal pros is NWCOA Bat Standards Compliant trained. They also receive training from the WCT training group, and we pride ourselves on being registered and recommended by Bat Conservation International.

As Richmond Bat Exclusion Professionals, we make every effort possible to safely remove bats from structures and specialize in safe bat guano (bat poop) clean-up techniques and procedures throughout Richmond and other areas in the state of Virginia. It is our goal to stay up-to-date on our bat knowledge and continue to advance our education to make sure that we are able to provide the best possible bat remediation services in Richmond Virginia.

It’s not enough to just exclude the bats from your Richmond home or business; we take that extra step to ensure that they don’t return back to your attic, gable end vents, porch, chimney, roof, walls or anywhere else they may be living in your home. You may be wondering how these clever creatures got into your home in the first place. Well, bats are able to squeeze through very thin slits, cracks, gaps, and holes. Depending on the species of bats, some of them are able to enter through an opening no larger than three eighths of an inch. Openings of this size are quite common for older Richmond homes whose wooden structure has been warped, loosened, settled and has shrunk throughout the years.

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There are other features of your Richmond VA home that may attract bats and entice them to take up residence with you. Since insects are the main source of sustenance for bats, things that attract bugs like pools, ponds, porch lights, and street lights in turn attract bats. Once they find that food source, the next step is to find an entry way into your home. Bats will normally enter buildings through openings found along the roof, chimney, vents, conduit, open windows, and fireplaces. At this point, bats are able to climb under doorways to enter any room in the house. A few common places where bats like to hide are behind curtains, under beds, in waste baskets, within the chimney, or any spot in the home where it is cool and dark. Waiting until dusk and conducting a bat watch is another good tactic to see if bats really are occupying your home. Most often bats will try to find an exit when the sun goes down in an attempt to hunt for food.

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How dangerous is it to have bats in your Richmond VA home? Since rabies is the most recognized health hazard associated with bats, it’s important to understand some basic facts. First, it is very important that if you, your pet, or loved one has made physical contact with a bat you have the bat tested by the Virginia Health Department for rabies. It is also crucial to note that all forty species of bats found in North America have tested positive for the rabies infection. With this said, we highly recommend that you treat any physical contact with a bat as a potential exposure to rabies. Your safety is our number one priority! If you have any questions or concerns our team of bat removal experts in Richmond and Charlottesville VA are here for you every step of the way.

Some other concerns associated with rabies include the distressing fact that this virus does not react to antibiotic therapy and once symptoms occur it is almost always fatal. However, there is hope. Because of a long incubation period lasting from two weeks to even months, humans can avoid this disease by acting fast with a prompt vaccination after exposure. For the animals in your life who you want to protect from rabies, enforcing periodic vaccinations in livestock, cats, and dogs is important. For bats that are infected with rabies, there are a few important things to note. Their incubation period ranges from about two weeks to six months and they actually become ill with the disease for up to ten days. The most vital piece of information to remember is that a rabid bat will not behave normally. If you see any bats flying during the day or find a bat on the ground unable to fly it is very important that you do not try to pick them up and handle them. It is in this stage that bats are more likely to attack others, both humans and other animals, unprovoked. Most incidents of humans being infected with rabies occurs when they carelessly attempt to handle a grounded bat. Even after the bats have passed away the carcass is still infected with the virus. Please leave this to the professionals, call Richmond Virginia Professional Wildlife Removal Services to help protect you and your family from contracting this disease.

Another disease that is associated with bats is called Histoplasmosis. This is a lung disease that is caused by a fungus commonly contained in bat guano (bat poop).There are different ways of contracting this disease, some even include breathing in infected air, but the one that we are most concerned with is associated with bat guano removal and cleanup. Because this particular fungus is able to be transmitted and survive through both the intestinal contents and skin of bats, their fecal matter can be very dangerous. This is one of the reasons why it is important to not only remove bats from your Richmond home, but to also utilize our bat guano clean-up services. Contracting this disease occurs at the time of inhaling infected spores.

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The severity of this disease ranges from feeling generalized symptoms of prolonged influenza to death in extreme cases. Being aware of Histoplasmosis is important for everyone located in the Ohio-Mississippi Valley region and areas along the Appalachian Mountains, essentially everyone living in Virginia!

We know that this is a lot of information on bats and it’s only a tiny look into the wealth of knowledge that our Richmond VA and Charlottesville VA bat removal pros possess on this subject. We are your local resident experts on all things bats. Whether its removal, clean-up, or safety, we are here to provide you with excellent customer service every step of the way. Call us today to schedule a site visit from one of our bat removal pros! For bat removal services in other areas in Virginia and throughout the United States visit Bats In The Attic.