3 Reasons Why Bat Removal Is Important For Your Health

richmond va bat removal from attic

Having bats in the attic may be tough to detect because they don’t always like to show the signs that they are there. However, when you start to notice that you have an issue, it’s crucial that you call in bat removal specialists to handle the problem because bat guano (bat poop) is not something that should be dealt with by an amateur.

You may be alerted that you have a colony of bats living in or around your home when you start to see them at dusk catching bugs, you hear them fluttering their wings and making scratching sounds behind your walls, or you’ve seen their droppings in your chimney and on or around the exterior of your windows and walls. Here are three reasons why Richmond bat removal is important for your health, and why calling in the experts is a smart move.

Rabies In Bats

Bats are one of the animals that are considered to be a rabies vector species meaning they are high risk to carry this disease. What makes bats unique is that often they won’t show the signs that they have rabies. When you want to protect your pets and your family, then investing in professional bat control will help you remove the invaders so that you won’t run the extra risk of having to handle these animals.

Bat Bugs – Similar To Bed Bugs

Bat bugs are exactly as their names states – bugs that feed on bat blood. You’ll discover these parasitic bugs are similar to bed bugs and may bite you and invade places like mattresses and soft furniture. When bats are removed, you’ll want to have a plan to ensure that these bugs don’t spread further into the house because they no longer have their food source of bat blood.

Histoplasmosis – Lung Illness From Guano

You don’t have to come in contact with a bat to develop histoplasmosis because their droppings contain the fungus. Anytime people go to a garden, barn, or clean out an attic where bat feces have been dropped, we disrupt it and send the spores airborne to be breathed in. This may lead to a lung illness called histoplasmosis. In mild cases it can cause flu-like symptoms, but it severe cases it may lead to death.

If you have a bat problem that continues to grow, then don’t wait to bring in the professionals for bat removal in the Richmond and Charlottesville areas of Central VA. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that the health of you and your family, and pets will be protected when it comes to the damage that bats can do.

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