Raccoons and the Damage They Cause

raccoons in attic

Whether you have a raccoon in the attic of your home or you have one living in your crawl space, you may not realize just how much damage they can cause to your home. While they may seem harmless, it’s important that you recognize that they are an aggressive wildlife species, and will need to be removed by a professional. Here are a few signs that you need raccoon control and the damage that they can cause.

Chewing and Destroying Everything in Their Paths

Raccoons can cost you big money in home repairs because they will chew through and destroy just about everything that they can get their paws on. Ductwork, electrical wire, walls, roofs, vents, wood, and insulation that protects pipes, are all some of their favorite things to destroy. At times, they are trying to make a bed or create a den site to raise their young, and other moments they are simply looking for stimulation because they are bored. Whatever reason for the destruction, you’ll want to call in a critter removal expert. You’ll also find that raccoons will knock over trashcans, eat your pet’s food, and make a path to other food sources in your garage, shed, and home.

Leaving Waste Behind

Because of the amount of droppings raccoons like to leave behind, you’ll find that they spread raccoon roundworm (Baylisascaris procyonis), and you may even visually see them in the stool. This biohazard material is dangerous to people, as well as pets, and you want to protect your home and family by investing in a raccoon removal services that will take the proper precautions when disposing of the fecal matter. The pros will have the best products, techniques, and equipment for getting the waste removed and the area sanitized.

Attracting Other Wildlife to Your Home

Beyond destroying parts of your home and leaving their droppings around, raccoons will also create holes and entryways into your home that may attract squirrels, birds, skunks, and other wildlife and provide them with living space in your home too. Hiring animal removal professionals that understand raccoon prevention and control will be the best way to combat these critters and take back your home. Once they’ve safely and humanely removed the raccoons, they’ll show you what attracts them to your space such as cat food left on the back porch, pet doors, trashcans that don’t have a secure lid, and even bird eggs and mice will be something that they will seek out. Taking proactive steps to prevent them, as well as getting our expert wildlife removal team in Richmond VA involved, will get you results you can be confident in.