Are Birds Taking Over Your Home?


It can be tricky to know when birds are taking over your home because they are such a natural part of our environment. However, when they start to make your property their main grounds for feeding and nesting, you’ll soon discover that they’ll take over and wreak havoc on your home by building nests in dryer and bathroom vents which can lead to fires or expensive repair costs, living in your chimney or soffit areas, and making holes in the wood siding of your home. Here are a few signs that birds are taking over your home and that you should bring in a specialist for bird control in Richmond VA.

Signs You Need Professional Bird Control

If you’ve noticed that you have a lot of bird droppings on your car, roof, siding of your home, and porch, you should consider this one of the first signs you can benefit from bird removal. Continually having to go through car washes and pressure clean your home and property can get pricy and annoying. That’s where Richmond VA bird removal services will help get rid of your bird problems.

Also, if you hear birds in the chimney, have birds in the attic, or notice them in other areas around your home, please be mindful of the dry materials they use to build their next. The nests can be flammable and are often built near electrical wiring and chimneys. Bird nesting materials can easily start a fire. Their nests often contain feces, dead birds, and parasitic bird mites that may be able to enter your home. Dead animal removal companies are aware of this danger and will safely remove the birds and the nest.

Damage That Can Occur When You Have a Bird Problem

As mentioned above, bird nest removal is vital because it can create a fire. However, there are other ways that birds can cause damage. They can bring ticks, lice, and fleas to your space, and they carry a number of diseases from salmonellas to tuberculosis. It’s critical that you hire a company providing bird removal services to safely remove the birds, their droppings, and take care of properly cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing the area.

Not only are we the area’s best local bird removal and control company in Richmond VA, but we also can repair damaged areas and provide exclusion services to keep the birds out. Some of the most common types of bird problems we have in the Richmond and Charlottesville VA areas of Central Virginia include:

  • Birds in bathroom and dryer vents. These are usually European Starlings.
  • Birds in chimneys and fireplaces (people often think they have bats in their chimney). Chimney Swift birds usually get into chimneys and are a federally protected bird.
  • Birds pecking on and damaging the wood siding of homes. The culprit is often a Pileated woodpecker that may be looking for a mate, establishing its territory, or feeding on a Carpenter bee infestation.
  • Canada geese taking over lakes and ponds, pooping everywhere, damaging lawns and golf courses, and attacking people and pets. We offer a custom solution to help you get rid of the geese and keep the goose population from getting out of hand. Our goose egg addling, nest removal and goose repellent services have been extremely effective.
  • Pigeons roosting on buildings, stores and making a mess around shopping centers. Our bird control specialist in Richmond VA can provide trapping services, bird netting services and bird shock track installation if needed.
  • English sparrows often get into grocery stores and warehouses where they damage and contaminate food items and manufactured products.