Richmond Animal Removal and Wildlife Control provides safe and humane trapping, removing, nuisance control, animal capture, exclusion, damage repair, waste cleanup, and more in the Richmond, Virginia area. Other areas that we service include, but are not limited to, Short Pump, Glen Allen, Ashland, Mechanicsville, Brandermill, Woodlake, Chester, Bon Air, Manakin Sabot, Henrico, Midlothian and Chesterfield, and Charlottesville, VA metropolitan area.  All of our animal removal technicians have the proper nuisance wildlife removal permit issued by the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries.

As experts in the field we specialize in removing all types of unwanted critters such as birds, bats, beavers, bees, squirrels, groundhogs (woodchucks), snakes (venomous, non-venomous, poisonous), mice, skunks, raccoons, moles, voles, opossums, pigeons, Canada geese, rats, and nearly any other animal causing you problems. We get asked a lot of questions about whether our team of skilled animal removal professionals can help with these problems listed below, the short answer is yes here at Richmond Animal Removal Services we can get rid of all types of nuisance wild life animals from your home, business, community, golf course, or property.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you….

  • Get rid of squirrels in my attic in Richmond, Virginia?
  • Determine what kind of animal is making scratching noises in our attic, walls, or crawlspace in Richmond, Virginia?
  • Remove squirrels from running across electrical power lines in Richmond, VA?
  • Get rid of bats in my attic or fireplace in Virginia?
  • Get rid of skunk odors in Richmond, VA?
  • Remove skunks from under our porch in Richmond, Virginia?
  • Clean up animal poop from my attic in Richmond, VA?
  • Help with animal odor problems in my home in Richmond, VA area?
  • Install chimney caps on our fireplace in Richmond, Virginia?
  • Solve our bat infestation problem in Virginia?
  • Trap a raccoon that is sneaking into our trash in Richmond, VA?
  • Find out what animal has been digging in our lawn, garden, or yard in Richmond, Virginia?

Our response…

Yes, our team of trained animal removal experts in Richmond, Virginia will be able to provide you with excellent customer service every step of the way and will ensure that we do everything we can to solve your nuisance animal problem.