Richmond Opossum Removal Services

Opossum1Richmond opossum removal services know that the opossum is the only marsupial native to North America and are more than just a nuisance to people and animals. They but have been known to spread disease and is are a host for insects like fleas, mites, ticks, and lice. They tend to hide in places such a crawl spaces, attics, under porches, old sheds, and other cozy nooks they can find around your home. When you see the signs of a possum invasion, you should contact our pros for expert opossum removal. Once we’ve performed the opossum removal in Richmond, VA, we’ll guide you through the steps to prevent any from returning.

You should be mindful of where you place bird feeders and pet food because a possum will be drawn to these spaces. You should also cover your trash. There will be times you’ll need to call for opossum removal services when you can’t quite prevent them from targeting your space such as if you have chicken coops or vegetable gardens.

Opossum2Opossum Removal Services in Richmond, VA

As the best animal control company in Richmond, we pride ourselves in our continual training so that we know the signs of a possum invasion. While they aren’t going to be a huge threat unless they have rabies, you still need expert wildlife removal in Richmond, VA to be a solid solution to the problem. Often they’ll play dead when you come near, and they try not to come out in the day too much. Many times you won’t know that you need animal removal service in Richmond, VA until you see the signs of damage.

Quality and Humane Virginia Animal Control

Don’t let an amateur perform Virginia wildlife removal if you want a quality and humane job done. We’re prompt, easy to work with, and make the experience a better one for you. We know that when you call wildlife removal services, that you need to resolve an issue that can be very stressful, and in some cases dangerous. We’re here for your animal control needs and start by providing you with a free quote. We’ll be with you every step of the way and we make our services affordable. We’ll always treat you and your home with respect and working quickly to resolve the situation. Don’t let these unwanted guests control your property any longer, we’re here to protect your home and it’s occupants from the annoyances of the opossum in Virginia.